Use natural alternatives like juice to replace sugar

How-to : Take coffee without sugar.

Sugar intake is a big problem. You should try and restrict it as much as you can, because even if you don’t add it to stuff like coffee, you’re likely getting more than you should in your daily diet in any case. With the ever increasing risk of non-communicable diseases being linked to the lots of sugar we consume

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Lunch Bags To Keep Your Food Warm

Pack your food in our collapsible lunch and cooler bags, whether it’s meal prep for work or picnic with the kids. These bags are designed to keep your food warm or cold for 2-4 hours. Some of the benefits of using these bags are:- Well Insulated Heavy Duty Oxford Nylon Outer with thick insulated, leak

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free wifi

Free Wi-fi now Available

At long last, we cannot pretend it’s 1995 anymore.

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coffee beans

Use Coffee to absorb odours

There are several purposes coffee can serve beyond just being consumed as a beverage but that is a topic for another day. Today I would like to introduce you to the concept of using coffee to absorb any unwanted odours, be it from the fridge, bathrooms, etc

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Chicken Pizza

Thursday Pizza Offer

Do you think you know delicious pizza if you’ve never tasted one at Cafe Reze? Here’s your opportunity to get two pizzas at an amazing discount. We are currently running a Double Deal Pizza Offer weekly Every Thursday.

whole fish tilapia

Whole Fish tilapia

Fresh from the waters of Lake Victoria, delight your tastebuds with the best prepared whole fish around town.

cafe reze terrace spacious environment

COVID-19 has put the whole world at a standstill as all nations are struggling to control the spread of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) that causes the disease. As Uganda slowly resumes economic activity, it’s our duty to prevent the spread of the virus by following the guidelines that were set by the Ministry of Health and

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